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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Error Copying A File Larger Than 4 GB

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Many errors occur while copying a file larger than 4gb. The messages displayed in the error window are different. But there is actually only one error.

I wondered why a file larger than 4gb is not getting copied inspite of having a pendrive of 8 gb.

The reason is when the drive , pen drive is in fat32 format you cannot copy a file larger than 4gb. The fat32 is a older system which allows you to copy a file only of smaller than 4 gb.

To copy larger files you just have to follow the given steps


> Insert you drive

> Right click the drive and choose format

> Select "NTFS" under file system

> format the drive.

Now you will be able to copy a file larger than 4gb. NTFS is a new type file system which allows you to copy larger files.

Note: backup all yopur data from the drive you are formating for converting it in NTFS file system.


Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Social Network Google Plus

Google plus is a recently established social networking site. Its popularity is peaking high among the social networks.

Why Google plus is gaining quick popularity?

Google plus is a partner of Gmail. There are millions of accounts on Gmail and millions created daily. One can easily sign up on Google + while signing up on Gmail.

One click makes us the user of Google plus.

So the existing people having a Gmail Id can easily get a Google + account and the new sign up’s it’s just more easier for them to sign up for Google plus.

Google making Blogger as a Partner

This is feature provided by blogger. We can upgrade our blogger profile to Google + profile. Even new users of blogger can create blogs with Google + profile. This is making Google plus more popular as it is integrating blogger users to Google +

Good Features in Google Plus

Google + has a special and outstanding feature of making a hangout. Hangout is making a video conference with your Google + friends

You also have a option for Sharing an URL which will automatic generate a title keyword, image and description as well. 

The chat option was later added after the site was setup and ready to use.

The Plus1 or  +1 , most popular option in Google + which is also available while you use Google for searching anything. You have a +1 icon which helps you to recommend any website over search engines.Its actually for liking any post on Google plus but also available on many places like Google search engine.


Traffic Exchange Tools

Traffic exchange tools are a source of getting traffic. The traffic we get from these tools is fake traffic or one can say a dragging junk traffic to your website.

Using these tools can be useful sometimes and also harmful other times.

Well if you have a well established website which quite old and its very well known by  Google or the other search engines than you don’t need to use any traffic exchange tools. They nay harm your website. As Google algorithm is being very strict these days.

The bounce rate of the traffic received from these tools is very high. The more percentage of high bounce rate is considered as spam by google.So I prefer to not use these traffic exchange tools for you well established sittes. No one really bothers to see or read the content of your site among the people exchanging traffic.

When it comes to a new website these tools are very efficient.  A new website is not very well known on search engines. When you use these tools and drag traffic specially from us than google gives a bit of attention to your site.

PR is also affected by traffic. I have read many article on internet sayiong google PR depends only and only on the number of backlinks. But I say No. I completely disagree with them.

I performed SEO on a new domain” “ its around 3 months old now . A month ago it got a PR 4. I used “” a tool for traffic exchange . The traffic I got was all from us. I use this tool.

I compare another website “” which is above 5 months old domain. Has a more number of backlinks than the above mentioned ecommerce domain. And also its older domain. I didn’t use any tools for this. Just seo is being performed. This has 3 PR.
It can be easily recognised that Traffic exchange tools helps getting Google PR.


Friday, 14 September 2012

Best Web 2.0 Sites

Web 2.0 sites are blogging sites where the content is generated by the user and  which provide free domains. There are also paid one’s but free blogging is more prefered. As the people having more important content go for websites and not with the blogging or web 2.0 sites.


Here is the list of Best web 2.0 sites












12) Livejournal

13) Newsvine

Web 2.0 sites are very useful for SEO

The backlinks generated from web 2.0 sites are stronger than as compared to most other links generated for seo. Stronger in the sense they are frequently crawled by google and these links don’t take longer time to show the improvements in the rankings.

Web 2.0 allows you share,create and post content that links to your website. Specially when your web 2.0 sites get a pr than it is very easy for you to maintain your keyword position and do improvements as well.


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Adwords - Powerful advertisement online

 Adwords is a great service for online  advertisement. The best thing about adwords is when you invest 1000 you get 3000 – 4000 back as business. Yes it works Exactly as mentioned , sometimes it get more benefit then this, but if you make the full use of features available in adwords.
Adwords Provide two types of advertisement

#1 Search Network
Search network is the advertisement in search results on Google. The normal way to get top listing in search engines is Seo but with adwords you can temporarily get to the top of the list and attract more visitors, which probably be your clients. In Search Network we can create text ads.

 The below image explains what is search network ads.

#2 Display Network
The Ads shown on relevant web pages that match your keywords are Display network Ads which are conducted through a program called Adsense. Display Network Carries various analysis and then keep ads on the sites that are Google partners. For display network both image and text ads can be created and displayed.

The below image explains what is display network ads.

You Can Try Adwords by getting a free trial coupon of INR, 2500 in India(May vary in other countries)
Sign Up On Adwords. Enter Billing Information and ask adwords for a trial coupon in help and support. You will enjoy using it and surely continue with it. We also get trial coupon of 105$ from Google analytics, but that is not assured. Better you can ask adwords for a coupon.

However this article is for the one who is new to adwords. More informative articles about improving avg position, manual bidding vs auto bidding, conversion rate, etc. coming soon.


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Best Social Networking Sites

Social networks have been a core part of internet. Millions of people use social networks. Social networks have also been important for seo. After the Google panda and penguin update. Some of the seo strategies have been completely vanished. Blog Comments are highly reduced almost exhausted. At this time the seo strategy more preferred is social networks. Here is a list of best social networking sites.

#1 Facebook
pr:  9
monthly users: 901 million

#2  Twitter
pr:  10
monthly users: 555 million

#3 Google+
pr:  8
monthly users: 170 million

#4 Linkedin
pr:  9
monthly users: 150 million

#5 Pinterest
pr: 7
monthly users: 11.7 million

#6 Myspace
pr: 9
monthly users: 80,500,000

#7 Stumbleupon
pr: 7
monthly users: 17,500,000

#8 Orkut
pr: 8
monthly users: 15,500,000

#9 DevianArt
pr: 7
monthly users: 25,500,000

#10 Newsvine
pr: 7
monthly users: 1,390,000


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Get Unlimited Money In Need For Speed Most Wanted

This article is to share the trick to get unlimited money innfs mostwanted. Yes you read right unlimited means you get 999,999,999 in a couple of minutes.

Lets go through this trick with the following steps:

#1  You will be needing a software called cheat engine it is just 4 – 5 mb you can download it @ . The latest one will be just fine.

#2  Start Nfs mw. Load your game in carrer mode.

#3  Check the amount of money. Remember it. And suppose it is xxxx now.

#4  Press alt + tab and start the software cheat engine 6.2 which ever version you have.

#5  Select a process by clicking the first icon on the top left.As show in the pic below . The icon is surrounded by red.

#6  Check for need for speed most wanted in the list and click open.

#7  Enter the amount of money you had before minimizing the game in the value box as shown in the pic. The box is surrounded by red. (Mine number in the pic is xxxx as assumed you enter your amount you had.)

#8  Then press new scan. You will see many results with the number you entered. Now leave it as it is.

#9  The start the game and spend some of your amount. I mean We need to change your amount . Doesn’t matter buy anything . Anything like paint, rim , etc. Anything.

#10  Check your money now after buying and remember it.

#11  Again Minimize the game with alt+tab.

#12  Enter the new value where you entered the previous one.

#13  Now select next scan.(do not use “new scan” option this time.)

#14  This time you will get only one result in the with the amount you entered.

#15  In the bottom nelow memory view option you will see the same value mentioned in the list above.Right click the value in the bottom and select change record their yo have an option as value select that. Now enter your desied amount that you want to be the price money of yours in the game nfs mw.Then press ok.

Note: The amount can’t be above 999,999,999 . I think this much amount should be enough for you to enjoy the game to its extreme levels.

This trick works 100% Verified by me. More tricks to come for this game and many more games.


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Activate Cheat Mode In Max Payne 2 "The Fall Of Max Payne"

In this article I will explain you how to play max payne 2 “the fall of max payne” in developer mode ( I mean in cheat mode). You can apply all the cheats while the game play after performing this trick.

#1 Find the folder where you have installed your game. Suppose Mine is >> c: > program files > rockstar games > max payne 2

#2  You have a application names “max payne2.exe” or just “max payne2”

#3 Rename the application as “max payne2 –developer”. As shown in the figure below

There is one more change that you have to make to the shortcut that is placed in your desktop or anywhere. Here’s the fourth step.

#4 Right click the shortcut of max payne 2 game. Go to properties and Change the target by adding ” –developer” .

Add caption
Suppose initially the target is "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Max Payne 2\MaxPayne2 -developer.exe"  change it to "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Max Payne 2\MaxPayne2 -developer.exe -developer"
And You are done.

#5 Start You game as normally. Press ` ( key left to 1 and above left tab) to give any cheat.

Like the cheat below :

# “coder”:Activates God Mode – unlimited weapons, Unlimited health.

Click On the Link Below get all the cheats and secrets in the game. You also get the trick to change your player in the game play in this file. Play game as mona sax, police men and many more characters.

Enjoy The Game
Max Payne 2


Thursday, 26 July 2012

High Pr Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking has being an effective Strategy For Seo since years.If you do social bookmarking on 1000 sites but with no pr or broken links that won't help your website's rankings much and that also might effect negatively to your site. But if you do  social bookmarking with high pr and on good reputed sites than only 10 links will boost your rankings.

Here is a list of high pr social bookmarking sites with their pr.

#1                           pr-8
#2               pr-8
#3                   pr-8
#4                      pr-8
#5                  pr-7
#6                pr-7
#7                pr-6
#8                            pr-8
#9           pr-8
#10                    pr-8
#11               pr-7
#12           pr-8
#13   pr-7
#14               pr-6
#15       pr-6
#16       pr-7

These are the must do social Bookmarking sites. If you do social bookmarking on these sites. It will Boost You Rankings. I will share more useful new high pr sites which arrive . All the best for your Bookmarking.


Saturday, 7 July 2012

Social Networks

Social Networking Sites were intentionally made for the people to share their social life over internet. The name Social Network itself tells the story. 

classmates is the first ever social networking site in the internet history. It was launched in 1997. It is very similar to Facebook. One could Create profiles, share pictures, upload pictures and see friend lists add and remove friends.                                                                        

I believe the years 2003, 2004 and 2005 were revolutionary for social networking sites. Current highly popular sites like Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Yahoo, YouTube, orkut, etc were launched in these years.

Social networking sites have attracted internet users since years. It helps to stay in touch with the people who are far away from you. Social Networking sites have more visitors than search engines surprisingly on this time span. is the most popular social networking site on internet. Stats tell that Facebook has even more overall visitors than also more unique visitors than Google. This is very surprising and should as Facebook is surprising itself J.

You tube is social networking site for videos only. And it’s the second highest popular social networking site. Stats tell that in terms of visits it ranks number 2 in the list after Facebook.

Facebook and YouTube have also become an advertising platform for many kinds of businesses. Not only these two social networks but many other networks as well have and they are helping advertisers


Sunday, 1 July 2012

Unlike All Facebook Pages Quickly

Sometimes You just don't want all unwanted post and you want to unlike all or many facebook pages quickly.This article will explain you how it can be done. You can Unlike all your pages without visiting each and every page.

Its very easy to do this, just follow the given steps:

#1  Go to your profile

#2  click the likes box on your timeline  as shown in the pic below

#3  Click Edit button which is at the right top of your likes page.

#4  After click on edit you can just click on the boxes (thumbnail) of the images of pages in any category.

#5  Press delete continuously unless all the the images vanish.

#6  After the images are over you have unlike all the pages of one category.

#7  You can just follow same for other categories.

This will take less than 3 minutes, you read right three minutes or less to unlike all the unwanted pages. I was initially visiting each page and unliking it,which was very frustrating. This is a very cool trick that I discovered and just was amazing. I guess someone before me might have discovered it.

A lot of such cool tricks to come soon.



Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Pinterest social networking site.

pinterest is another very popular social networking site. Pinterest is listed among top 10 social networking sites. It has very unique features.Pinterest is only for images and pics surprisingly i.e. we can only post and share images. We can upload status or text but we can give a description for any image or pic.

Using pinterest is very interesting and easy as well. You don't have to upload images for sharing on pinterest. Yes , right, here you can share images which already exists at internet on various sites.

The sharing process here is dramatic and interesting. Just follow the following steps to start pinning (here sharing images is called as pinning and so a share is called a pin) images on pinterest.

#1  login to your pinterest account.If you are a new member you have a option to sign in with facebook or twitter as well.

#2  You will find a "pin it button" option in about column at right corner as shown in the pic.Just click that button.

#3  You will be redirected to a URL where pin it button exists. Just drag the pin it button to your bookmarks bar. The button is highlighted in the pic below.

Now pinning Images is very easy. Just go to any site and click the pin it button on bookmarks bar. And You have a pop up window which will ask you that which image you want to pin, just click that image. 

How useful is pinterest for SEO ?

Pinterest is very entertaining website. This makes it very popular social networking site on internet.. Obviously this helps in getting a lot of traffic from this site.

Below are the benefits of pinterest website:

#1  Being popular pinterest generates a lot of traffic.

#2  The home page or the boards in this site are not visible when java script disabled , so this sites doesn't looks good for getting backlinks.

#3  The pages for individual pins are visible when java script is disabled. So this will help your backlinks increase. Also proves "this sites doesn't looks good for getting backlinks" wrong ,which is mentioned in point no. 2

Overall this site is very good for Seo as it helps both traffic and backlinks. Its very interesting and using this site is fun. Just a perfect social networking site.


Sunday, 17 June 2012

StumbleUpon : Social Networking Site Is a Socail Bookmarking Site , I would also call it a social networking site due to its features and large network.

Using  Stumbleupon is very easy.Just register and login to your account.

#1   You select your interest – categories would br given like internet , football , games ,sports , ecommerce etc. Select all your categorioes about which you are goging to post or which things you are going to share.

 #2   Follow people,your friends  and users so your stumbles ( here shares,  status, and bookmarks are known as stumbles)  could be shared to them . The more views your stumbles have the more they will be visible on stumble upon i.e your stumbles will be visible on front page if you have the maximum views.

Stumbling is a simple process. Just follow the following steps :

#1  Login to your stumble upon account

#2  Go to profile as shown in the pic below

#3  You can see a “add a new page”  option in the bottom left of your profile page. You can see that option in the below. Just Click that.

#4   Fill the details like URL , category, Safety, etc. as shown in the pic below. And You are done


#1  The pages that you have added are now visible on

#2  The more views you get there will be more increase in visibility of your page.i.e if you have most views your page will be visible on the home page of stumble upon.

#3  You can get more views on stumbleupon by having more followers and sharing your stumble upon page on various social sites like twitter, facebook, etc. 

All the best for your stuimbles 

How Good Is Stumble Upon For SEO ?

Stumbleupon is very good for SEO infact.
Read the following things about stumbleupon to justify the above sentence

#1  You don't have to create a content while creating a page on stumble upon.This helps you in saving time.

#2  The pages that you  create never get deleted until you do.  

#3  Your stumbles with time could get listed on the home page if you get many views.

#4  You get a backlinks form the pages that you create on stumbleupon

#5  You Also get traffic from Stumbleupon pages.

Overall this site is very good for SEO. Easy to use and helpful in both getting backlinks and traffic.
I would Rate this site and Give it 4 out of  5 I had an Opportunity.
I Deducted 1 star because it is not as popular as Facebook or twitter. Its gaining popularity day by day and hopefully becomes very popular on internet.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Earn Money Online With Social Networking Site Zurker

This is another opportunity for on-liners to earn money easily. is giving opportunity to become the share holder or a Co-Owner of zurker . Yes, this is true and I am also now an share holder and Co-Owner of zurker.I never had a dream that one day I will become Co-Owner of a social networking site.

To become Co-Owner or to get shares (called as vShares) of zurker you need to make other people register on zurker. I.e. refer people on zurker.
You Can Follow the Following steps to get referals on zurker :

#1  Click to referrals which is in the last tab of features column as shown in the pic below

#2  You are provided the steps how to earn share . A unique URL is given which you you can share everywhere and help you in getting shares.

#3  This URL redirects the new user to registration page with message
" You've received an invitation to join Zurker from " XYZ ". Our members love spreading the word about Zurker... because they own it! "

All the best for your shares and if you are a new users register with this URL 


#1   You will get 2 shares for 1 referral in first 24 hours later on it will reduce to1 per referral. So try to invite many in the first 24 hours.

#2 The amount of 1 vShare is 50 INR currently which may increase later on.


Sunday, 10 June 2012

New Social Networking Site Zurker (the most popular website online) is an idea stolen by mark zukerburg from the twin brothers at Harvard University. The twin brothers launched a new social networking site in dec-2011. This site is currently under beta testing and looking good as well. is new interesting innovation. This site gaining a very good popularity and has a Google page rank 4.This social networking site has many new features which are not available in other social networking sites. The features available in zurker are as follows:

1>    Zurker has option “find”. This to share some site on zurker which is on internet. This is very similar to social bookmarking. You can save a URL and also write something about it. You have an option make your share private or public.

2>    The second option is “update”. An update can be anything a photo with some description, only a textual update, or a photo with text and URL.  You can make your update as private or public.

3>    The third is photos. You can upload photos create albums and tag photos as well.
Every single update is called as zurk here. All your updates are called as zurks.

How good is for SEO (search engine optimization)?

1)      We can share a link with our every post on; this is a very good feature which helps in SEO.

2)      Our updates have a separate URL which helps you to share your updates on other social networking site like twitter.

3) is under beta testing so the profiles and updates are not visible to unregistered user which isn’t good for SEO.

4)       When java script is disabled in the browser the updates and zurks aren’t visible at all. This won’t work for SEO. You won’t get any backlinks.

Overall is not very good or not good enough for SEO. Currently it is under beta testing and I am sure it will improve and become very useful for SEO as well. I hope to see a few improvements so I could write a very good review for zurker.


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Increasing Likes On Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook is the most popular social networking site over the net, there is no doubt in that. There are approximately above 800 million active users on facebook today. So this leads to make facebook very useful for marketing your business. As every user of facebook might be knowing that we can create fan pages on facebook on our related topic, I mean a company, a fun club or a great personality, etc. Fan page is more recommended when it has more likes. That makes it more popular and helps you getting publicity for your business.

Here is a tool which will help you increasing your facebook fan page likes instantly in huge numbers. Yes, you read the above line right. I am not kidding. This is the site where you can increase your Facebook fan page likes 

Using this tool is very simple. Initially you just have visit @ and sign up. There is a list of many social networking sites like facebook, google+, twitter, myspace, etc. You select facebook , go to settings. Then add your user profile Url and then your fan page Url. Next thing is start like pages suggested by this site , you will get points for liking others fan pages. You need to setup the points rewarded for liking your fan page for users of this site. So these likes which you get are exchange of liking other fan pages. This tool is worth for your fan pages. I started using this tool and got 150 likes in half an hour. This was an amazing experience for mu fan page :)

This tool is for more than just increasing facebook page likes. You can use same method for increasing google+ fan page likes, Twitter followers, Myspace friends, Google+ circles, for tweeting Tweets, etc. Using this tool for Twitter is not really much useful. I also tried google+ fan page but nothing really worked right and as well same was with Myspace. Anyways You have other better and very good techniques and tools for improving your twitter, myspace and google+ profiles and Fan Pages. This is an Open tool and very useful for increasing your Facebook Fan page Popularity.
I wish you all the best further for using this tool and Hope you got a good guidance from my article through this tool.

I would like to see few improvements in this tool in future and see this tool very useful for all the social networking sites like Google + , twitter, etc.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Microsoft's New Social Networking Site Review the new social networking site is now available for everybody to is the new social networking site by Microsoft.This is a great news for all the people using internet. This social networking site is specially made for children by Microsoft.

One can easily.sign up this site with Facebook or windows live id as I have experienced.This site looks to be a combination of the other social networking sites like Twitter , Facebook and Google + as it has some features of all these three social networking sites.You can follow people and others can as well follow you back (this feature is from twitter).you can share and tag multiple photos at one time.You can share links.You can also update status same like Facebook or twitter.

There is one more new feature in this site which is something like the one in pinterest (social networking site).You have drag a button to your bookmark's bar and when you want to share any site or images you can just click that button on bookmarks bar and share your interest on is a very easy method to share your interest.

How Helpful This Site Can Be For Seo (search engine optimization) ?

As I mentioned above this site has some new and exciting features which were never seen before.This site is newly established so its obvious that you may not have as many users as in Facebook, Google + or twitter.But as people have a option to sign in with Facebook its gaining quick popularity.As everybody knows Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world , the owners of have a option to sign in with Facebook purposely.This will help them getting quick popularity.

There is one more very good feature which I have not mentioned above.Here on this site to share your interest or status you don't need to have friends or followers.There is a public stream available where the shares and status of all the user's of can be seen. I updated my status  when I signed in, when I had no followers but still I got comments and likes. I was surprised and just found out this new feature. This is great for traffic purpose. You can get a good  traffic due to this feature here.

But this site ( will not be helpful to you in getting back-links.Yes, you heard right. This is because when you disable the java-script of your browser your updates status or any links of yours are not visible. Everybody doing Seo might be knowing that links which are not visible when java-script is disabled are not crawled by Google.

I hope to see few more improvements on this site by Microsoft.And get an opportunity to write a review again, where I could be able to appreciate this site in every line of my review.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Crossing Limits On Twitter

We all use twitter as a business support social networking site.This site is implemented effectively when we have good amount of followers.

When I started using twitter I followed many people.Few followed me back but all didn't followed me back.So Ultimately I ended up with an unbalance in followers and following.

I wondered If I could unfollow all of them who are not following me back.Why to keep following people who are not following you back?

If you think you can'y get rid of people who are not following you back then you are wrong.

One day I discovered or found the site where I got rid of people who are not following me back.This is true and I am not kidding.
Yes you can unfollow 100's of people @ a couple of clicks who are not following you back.
All you need to do is :
> visit .
>click connect to twitter.
>It will take only few seconds to load & display your twitter stats.
>you will be shown the list of people who are not following you with deep stats like no. of tweets by him,following, followers,etc.
>you just select all those or whoever you want to unfollow & click unfollow selected.
>And mission accomplished.
>you will see the people being unfollowed on your twitter account.

Here you could not only unfollow people but you can also follow people with a couple of clicks in a pro or premium account.
This is more than just a unfollow users on twitter tool. However unfollowing people is available in free account.

I experienced this tool & I would like to give it 5stars out of 7stars.



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