Saturday, 7 July 2012

Social Networks

Social Networking Sites were intentionally made for the people to share their social life over internet. The name Social Network itself tells the story. 

classmates is the first ever social networking site in the internet history. It was launched in 1997. It is very similar to Facebook. One could Create profiles, share pictures, upload pictures and see friend lists add and remove friends.                                                                        

I believe the years 2003, 2004 and 2005 were revolutionary for social networking sites. Current highly popular sites like Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Yahoo, YouTube, orkut, etc were launched in these years.

Social networking sites have attracted internet users since years. It helps to stay in touch with the people who are far away from you. Social Networking sites have more visitors than search engines surprisingly on this time span. is the most popular social networking site on internet. Stats tell that Facebook has even more overall visitors than also more unique visitors than Google. This is very surprising and should as Facebook is surprising itself J.

You tube is social networking site for videos only. And it’s the second highest popular social networking site. Stats tell that in terms of visits it ranks number 2 in the list after Facebook.

Facebook and YouTube have also become an advertising platform for many kinds of businesses. Not only these two social networks but many other networks as well have and they are helping advertisers


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